About us

DAUMANTAI LT, JSC was established in 1991 as dressings and condiments manufacturing company. Creating our first sauces, we were dreaming that the entire Lithuania would enjoy them. Now as a result of hard work and passion for exceptional quality our company became one of mayonnaises, tomato sauces and ketchups market leaders in Lithuania. When our dream come true we came up to a new even harder challenge - to introduce our products to the world markets. Despite the growing sales, we still have enough production capacity; we are able to produce about 4000 tons of mayonnaise and 2000 tons of ketchups and sauces per year more than we do now. Our equipment suppliers are well-known Italian, German, English and Japanese companies such as Manzini, Motovario, Siemens, Beil, Willet, Sato and Carlo Migliavacca.

DAUMANTAI LT,  JSC products have been successfully exported to such countries as Cyprus, Denmark, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Ireland, UK, USA, Finland and Sweden. Encouraged by successful trade abroad company intends to increase export as it remains the major priority of the company.

Though DAUMANTŲ products are already among the most favorite and popular in Lithuania, the company is constantly trying to improve their quality, using the most up to date production technologies. For already 25 years company has been investing into new technologies and working hard in order to improve the recipes and make the products of the company not only tastier but also healthier. The introduction of the first Lithuanian additive-free mayonnaise was only the beginning. We are the first Lithuanian company which started to produce organic products and our goal is to expand the assortment of organic products in the future as the interest in organic products continues increasing all over the world.

The high quality DAUMANTŲ  mayonnaises, ketchups, tomato sauces and dressings have won awards in both national and international exhibitions and gained wide recognition.

We use a wide variety of packaging, suitable for both retail and catering sectors: glass jars and bottles, PET jars and bottles, plastic bottles and buckets of different size to suit the needs of any customer. Our suppliers will do their best to fulfill any specific packaging requirement of our clients.

The factory and the head office are located in Kėdainiai, Lithuania.

83 highly skilled, well-trained and motivated people work for company in Kėdainiai.



Innovative, fast reacting, creative and flexible company
High quality products at reasonable prices
Natural ingredients, original recipes, great taste
Wide assortment
BRC, ISO, HACCP certified